In addition to information and updates on activities involving the marketing of my book, ODES ON ALI, I want to include regular posts under the title More On Ali. In these posts I will provide more on the great Muhammad Ali. Things on Ali that the average fan, or those less familiar with his career, might not know. Things that were not included in the book, as well as things involved in what is in the book. First up, the reason I chose the colors that make up the book cover. Red, white and black were the three colors Ali used for his trunks throughout his professional career. He predominantly wore white trunks with black trim with only a few exceptions. First, in his pro debut he appeared to have worn the USA emblazoned trunks from the Olympics. Then, in his first fight with Sonny Liston he wore white trunks with a black waist band and red side stripes. In his first reign as heavyweight champ he wore white trunks with red trim in some bouts. And of course, after his return from exile, in his bout with Oscar Bonavena and his first clash with Joe Frazier he wore red trunks with white trim. The only other variation was in his fight against Jimmy Ellis when he wore white trunks sans the black trim. So, I felt it was ¬†an appropriate tribute to choose a combination of red, white and black for the book’s cover.