How is it that Muhammad Ali is still included in conversations concerning modern day fight promotions when his ring career ended nearly four decades ago? Because that’s what happens when you set a standard of excellence so high that no one has exceeded it. Promoters know they can garner greater notoriety for their fighters by making Ali comparisons. A perfect example occurred just last week when UFC president Dana White appeared on the ESPN Mike & Mike show promoting this Saturday night’s championship fight between champion Jose Aldo and interim champion Conor McGregor. White stated that if you look through the history of the fight game the two guys that you’ve ever seen who were absolutely world class at the mental warfare game it’s Muhammad Ali and Conor McGregor. White stated it was impossible not to draw the comparison between the boxing legend and the UFC’s current interim featherweight champion. Since his UFC arrival, Ireland’s McGregor has become well know for mentally battering his opponents, winning the pre-fight war of words, and making good on his predicted outcomes, much like Ali dd, long before engaging in combat. It will be interesting to see what, if any, affect McGregor’s Ali-like gift of gab has on veteran champion Jose Aldo. Brazilian Aldo has his own comparative Ali-like trait in that he heavily relies on his gifted jab to control the action both offensively and defensively. Just like Ali did, Aldo uses a stiff jab to stop the offensive charges of his opponents dead in their tracks as well as setting up his offensive power shots behind a heavy dose of probing jabs. It will be interesting to see which man best uses his Ali-like skill to achieve victory.