As I wrote in my author profile for ODES ON ALI, I penned my first poetic account of an Ali fight after watching his upset victory over George Foreman to finally regain the heavyweight title. The positive feedback I received from all who read it was the beginning of the long journey to the publishing of my book. Through stops and starts, numerous changes in direction, and the overcoming of every excuse and obstacle along the way, three goals kept me kept me on the path to completion. The first was to finish a complete, publishable, manuscript. Check. The second was to accomplish the first goal while Muhammad Ali was still with us. Check. (Although I have to tell you there were publicized, and rumored, reports over the last couple of years of health issues and hospitalizations of the champ causing me to believe I probably wouldn’t succeed.) And my final goal is to somehow get a copy of my book to the champ and his wife. While this last one is just extra icing on the cake, I would love for them to know he still inspires us to sing his praises and share his story with the next generation. So, I’ll continue to work on making my last goal happen and provide future updates on any progress.