As stated in my previous post entitled “Two Down, One To Go” I had three goals I wanted to achieve with the writing of my book on Ali. The first two, completing a publishable manuscript and doing so while Muhammad Ali was still with us, were reached. The third, getting a copy into the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Ali, I continue to work on. Through research, I was able to locate an address to the Ali residence in Arizona. I packaged up and mailed a copy of my book to Ali and his wife last week and received signature confirmation of delivery this past Monday. While I did not recognize the name of the individual who signed for the package, I hope to receive some type of confirmation that Mr. and Mrs. Ali did actually get the book via either my provided email or physical address. I will provide updates if and when they happen. I also want to thank the folks at Baseball Bard, The Poetry Of The Game, for selecting my poem “BEARING WINTER” as their most recent Poem Of The Week honoree. Anyone who is a fan of the game and loves poetry should definitely check out their website. As this will most likely be my last post of 2015, I want to thank the Book Fuel staff for their efforts in helping me make the publishing of my book a reality as well as their continued efforts in assisting me with marketing my book. I also want to thank everyone who bought copies of my book and anyone and everyone intending to do so in the new year. I wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year! I look forward to what the new year brings.