Another Great Review

I’m excited to announce that my book “ODES ON ALI:A TRIBUTE TO THE GREATEST” has just received another great review. Below is an excerpt from the review by Henry Baum for Self-Publishing Review. You can read his entire review at the link posted under the excerpt.



“The book wins out because of Bates absolute passion for his subject, and he manages to get a heap of information about each fight in just a few words. You’ve never read Foreman and Ali in Africa like this before.”

More On Ali

Muhammad Ali’s famed Deer Lake, PA training camp is now a bed and breakfast. The Butterfly & Bee B&B now occupies the site where Ali went to prepare for all of his fights starting in the early seventies through to the end of his career. Located on a ridge overlooking the Poconos, it is located between Pottsville and Reading, about a hour and a half drive from Philadelphia. Ali loved watching old cowboy movies, so when developing the property he had the all of the buildings log framed giving the compound a frontier look. He ran the mountain trails and chopped wood as part of his conditioning regime. The eighteen building compound included a 3000 sq. ft. boxing gym. One standout feature on the property are the eighteen boulders scattered about on which Ali had painted the names of great fighters who he admired. Included among them are the names of Rocky Marciano (on a flat rock), Joe Louis (on a 40 ton rock), and Jack Johnson (on a 20 ton lump of coal). Upon retirement, Ali offered to sell the property to George Dillman, a karate instructor who had trained there with Ali. Dillman didn’t have the asking price at the time. Seventeen years later, Ali sold the six acre parcel to Dillman for the original asking price despite it being well below current market value. Dillman renovated and turned it into The Butterfly & Bee B&B. So, now anyone for the price of a night’s stay can hike or jog the same mountain trails where The Greatest did his roadwork.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

5star-flat-web¬†ODES ON ALI: A TRIBUTE TO THE GREATEST was given a five star review by Readers’ Favorite! Along with the beautifully written review by Jack Magnus this means that ODES ON ALI is allowed to proudly display this five star emblem in all future marketing endeavors.


Goodreads Update and More Good News

As the Goodreads Giveaway comes to a close, I am excited to report that more than 400 people entered to win a copy of ODES ON ALI. I want to again thank everyone who entered. I have also received my first review from Readers’ Favorite and they gave it a maximum five stars! Below is an excerpt, but I invite you to read the entire review at the link provided at the end of this post. Thank you for all of your support and please remember to review the book when you’ve finished reading it.


“I had a marvelous time reading Odes on Ali and literally could not stop smiling the whole way through… These poems put the reader right there in the ring, watching the action as closely as if they were in front row seats… Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest is an original and most impressive book of sports writing and an outstanding collection of poetry all at once. It’s most highly recommended.”


Read the full review: on ali


Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali!

Sunday will be Muhammad Ali’s 74th birthday. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky to Cassius, Sr. and Odessa Grady Clay at Louisville General Hospital. A historical marker was placed in front of the house he grew up in on Grand Avenue in 2012. That boyhood home is being restored and renovated to be a museum to compliment the existing Muhammad Ali Center museum in downtown Louisville. Happy Birthday to The Greatest of all time!