Time Left To Get In On Goodreads Giveaway Almost Gone

January 15th is the deadline for entering the giveaway for two free copies of my book “ODES ON ALI: A TRIBUTE TO THE GREATEST” so time is running out. You still have time to enter, but not much. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Goodreads sight and sign up while there’s still time. I want to say good luck and thank you to everyone who has already entered for your interest. In thinking about the possibility of this being the lucky winners first time to read a book about the great Muhammad Ali, I found myself reflecting back on the first book I read on Ali. “LOSER AND STILL CHAMPION: MUHAMMAD ALI” by Budd Schulberg was the very first of many books on Ali I read over the years. It was published by Doubleday in 1972, the year after Ali lost to Frazier in their historic first clash. In my mind there could not have been a more appropriate title for the book because to many, just like me, even though Frazier had been awarded the decision, Ali was still the champion. And he would continue to be the People’s Champion. If the winners of the Goodreads giveaway are first time Ali readers, I hope they get as much enjoyment from the read as I did from the first book I read on Ali. Good luck again to all the entrants!



More On Ali

Muhammad Ali has enjoyed a long running relationship with Sports Illustrated magazine. The magazine was started in 1954, the same year that a twelve year-old Cassius Clay took up boxing with the intent of dispensing justice on a bicycle thief. Little did either know at the time that they would develop an association that would continue for over half a century. One that is still ongoing. Ali has graced the magazine’s cover well over thirty times over the years. The SI thirty-fifth anniversary cover in 1989 featured Ali for a then record 31st time. It had Ali holding a copy of the June 10, 1963 edition showing him in London, with Big Ben in the background, for his first bout with Brit Henry Cooper. (It had a cover price of twenty-five cents.) SI named Ali their “Athlete of the Century” and just this past fall they renamed the Sports Illustrated Legacy Award to the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. Needless to say, it has certainly been a relationship that both have benefited from. Theirs has been an association that has only helped to solidify the iconic status that each has achieved in their respective fields.