When asked to speak about my book to members of the TRIO group at Miami Dade College back on February 19, I prepared a checklist for the event. As I stated in my follow-up post, with one exception, I thought the event was a success. Being that I intended to bring copies of my book to make available for purchase, I carried an adequate cash bank to make necessary change. It never occurred to me that most college students, and an ever growing number of people in general, do not carry cash. I missed out on several¬†immediate¬†onsite sales opportunities. Under the “Live and Learn” category , I returned home that evening and went online to search for a solution. I discovered that there are reasonably priced devices to attach to your cell phone that will allow you to accept credit card payments. There are numerous makes from which to choose. You simply purchase one compatible with your phone, download the app, and follow the instructions provided. I would advise any self-published authors intending to do events where their books will be available for purchase to look into this small investment. I now have mine and I’m ready for the next sales opportunity.