Superman Vs Muhammad Ali cont.

With the release of Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice just weeks away what better time to reflect back on Superman’s battle with “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali. As written in my post on Feb. 5th, in 1978 DC Comics released a special Superman vs Muhammad Ali deluxe edition. It reveals how an alien race called the Scrubb appears demanding that Earth’s greatest fighting champion battle their planet’s greatest fighter. When both Muhammad Ali and Superman step forward, the alien leader insists they fight each other to determine who represents Earth. When they initially refuse, the alien leader uses the threat of a thousand missiles ready to destroy Earth to insure their cooperation. Prior to their fifteen round boxing match, Superman’s super powers are temporarily lost. Muhammad Ali’s superior boxing skills allow him to dominate the bout over a powerless Superman. But the two then end up joining forces and working together. Muhammad Ali takes on the alien planet’s champion while Superman, having regained his powers, battles their space armada to prevent the missile attack. The comic was created at height of Ali’s second reign as heavyweight champion. But before it could be released, Ali lost his title to Leon Spinks. This left the creators in a quandary over the release. Fortunately, Ali regained his title in an immediate rematch to again save the day. This special edition was priced at $2.50 when it was released in 1978 which was a significant price for a comic book then. Anyone interested in owning a copy now can still find a few for sale online, but it’ll cost you quite a bit more than $2.50.