The roller coaster ride of book marketing is perpetual. The highs and lows, twists and turns, rises and falls can leave you screaming with exhilaration one minute and crying in desperation the next. The only way to stop the madness is to jump off and walk away. Otherwise, you better get a tight grip and prepare for a wild, volatile, ride. My most recent example of the marketing ups and downs involves Goodreads. After putting my book on the Goodreads site I did a promotional giveaway for two copies. The interest was good as over 450 people signed up, and over 180 of them put my book down as ‘to read.’ It looked to be a successful endeavor. Unfortunately, to date, neither of the winners in the giveaway has submitted a review. And the 180 plus ‘to reads’ haven’t equated to ‘now readings’ or ‘have reads’ yet. As well, there were no significant increases in book buys. But, we often forget, book marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Patience and perseverance are key components to book marketing success. I have just this week received 2 four-star reviews on the Goodreads site. One was written by a grandmother from the American heartland through another site’s ‘a comp copy for a honest review’ agreement, and the other was from a gentleman from the ┬ácountry of Georgia, formerly part of the Soviet Union. These two reviewers are particularly encouraging because, on top of their great reviews, they show the potential wide ranging appeal of my book. I’ll share a brief piece of each review below but you can see both reviews in full on the Goodreads site or on Amazon.



“You can tell that David A. Bates has a passion for documenting this tribute to Ali… I enjoyed this book and even if you aren’t interested in sports consider reading this book.”



“Also the author wrote about Ali with admiration and gave a number of good opinions about why Ali might be considered greatest, he did not just recite the fact about Ali’s life and his boxing career. Plus, the format David Bates chose to write, the Ode style, makes it to be more compelling and exciting than a typical biographical book.”