You’re a great writer. You write a great book. Your subject is a universally loved figure who is the greatest boxer of all times. The book gets a few great reviews. And most who have read it thus far have had great things to say about it. It should be flying off the online shelves. The orders should be pouring in hot and heavy. Right? Well, unfortunately, it isn’t and they aren’t. Why not? What went wrong? Do you want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Well, the truth is nothing is necessarily wrong. You have just joined hundreds of thousands of other authors in vying for the attention of the book buying readers world-wide. There is a vast sea of book offerings for readers to select from. The publishing giants’ resources and bookstore shelves are mostly reserved for the serial best-sellers and celebrity affiliated offerings. Marketing a book is a full time job. And for self-published writers, it is one that is an absolute necessity. (For some reason the term necessary evil seems more appropriate.) Which is why I find myself now spending more time trying to increase my social media presence and chasing more book reviews than actually writing. Unless, of course, you count banging out these blog posts. For years, I wrote and sold articles, entered various writing contests, and published individual pieces online. But I never took the time to build a social media presence. For me, it was just sort of the old cart and horse debate. Here again, that old necessary evil adage comes to mind. So, like it or not, I’m having to play catch up now. Otherwise, how is anyone out there going to know you or your book even exist? Since my last marketing update post there’s been no activity to report from my continued efforts. A number of reviews and website mentions I had been expecting to receive didn’t come to fruition. Hopefully, some of them will come through at a later date. The good news is things appear to now be slowly taking a turn for the better. My twitter presence has steadily increased, and continues to do so. Last month, my blog was included in the sports section of the RealBrock Daily Telegram on @RealBrock. I have received a few plugs for my book from a couple of twitter followers. I recently did an interview about my book on THECRAZYMIND.COM that is being featured on twitter, facebook, tumblr,, and stumble upon. I am also getting social media promotion for “ODES ON ALI”  from SHOUT my Book on their website, twitter and facebook pages. In addition, I just received another 5 star review on Amazon. So, things are looking up. Just have to keep at it. Onward and upward!