5star-flat-web                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As reported in my last marketing update post, I had expected several more agreed upon reviews to have come in by now. For whatever the reasons, they have not. Rather than getting discouraged by dwelling on that disappointment, I prefer to reflect on the positive. The first review I received on “Odes On Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest” was from Readers’ Favorite reviewer Jack Magnus. In addition to a five star rating, he wrote a great review capped off with, “Odes On Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest is an original and most impressive book of sports writing and an outstanding collection of poetry all at once. It’s most highly recommended.” The review was thorough and highly complimentary. I could not have expected or asked for a better review. However, a few days later, I received email notification from Readers’ Favorite that I had some additional commentary from Mr. Magnus on my author page on their website. The note told me that this was not part of the formal review but I was free to use any or all of the comments for marketing purposes if I so desired. I have not shared Mr. Magnus’ additional comments to this point, but I hope he doesn’t mind that I do so now.


“And they say poetry is dead…  your verses are marvelous! I spent a number of years studying the action scenes in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King and was quite impressed with how you imparted action into your verse. A modern classic! Bravo!”

Best regards,

Jack Magnus


If that doesn’t entice a lover of the written word to want read a copy of my book I don’t know what will. It makes me want to read it again, and I’ve already read it more times than I can remember. To have your work mentioned in a sentence alongside Tennyson is more than any writer could ever imagine. I am truly humbled and ever grateful to Mr. Magnus for his additional words. I want to thank him again for far exceeding this writer’s expectations in his review of my work.


You can read the entire review by Mr. Magnus at https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/odes on ali