Dr. Ferdie Pacheco was known as the “Fight Doctor” for his work as Muhammad Ali’s personal physician and as one of his corner men. He also worked with 11 other world champions. In previous posts I wrote about the other two prominent figures that occupied the Ali corner: Angelo Dundee and Bundini Brown. In interviews, Dr. Pacheco has called Ali the greatest fighter ever. In an interview after Ali’s passing, he called Ali a genuine good guy, a humanitarian who loved children and loved to make people laugh. Dr. Pacheco has been referred to as a Renaissance man for his numerous productive careers. In addition to his work with Ali, he has been a successful pharmacist, a practicing medical doctor, a decorated abstract artist, a television boxing commentator, and a published author. In addition to his expert fight commentary on NBC, Showtime, and Univision, he served for 10 years as the NBC boxing consultant on safety issues. Ambulances at fight venues, changing the number of ring ropes from 3 to a safer 4, and thumb-less gloves to reduce eye damage were a few of the things he brought forth. He left Ali’s corner after the Earnie Shaver’s fight, voicing his concern for Ali’s deteriorating health. Pacheco has said Ali paid a high price in the end for the life he chose. But he said he didn’t feel sorry for Ali because it was the greatest life anyone could have. Pacheco now resides in his hometown of Tampa, FL with his wife of over 40 years. He is the author of over 20 published books, was the subject of a documentary film entitled “The World of the Fight Doctor,” and his paintings have won a Gold Medal and 1st Place in Tonneins, France and 1st prize, Best Colorist at Musee Du Luxemburg. Some of the subjects of his abstract portraits include: Ali, Sinatra, Gandhi, MLK, Elvis, Picasso, Puccini, FDR, Einsten, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Rocky Marciano, and Woody Allen, to name a few.