Another Great 5 Star Review

After my last posting covering the latest fantastic reviews recently received via Readers’ Favorite, I would normally write the next More On Ali or Acknowledging The All-Time Greats post. However, before I could start researching material for either, another five star review came in. Therefore, this posting will instead discuss the new review. It came through the Booktasters service of providing a epub copy for an honest review. The reviewer, under the moniker keep calm novel on (@keepcalmnovelon) rated the book 5 out of 5 stars and wrote in part:

“Odes On Ali is a most impressive biography. Bates honors the spirit, legacy and voice of the one and only Muhammad Ali. How fitting that Bates has written poetry–perfect.”

The review in its entirety can be found at as well as on the Goodreads and tumblr websites.

My next posting should be a More On Ali or Acknowledging The All-time Greats. But, hey, if another great review comes in before hand, you better believe sharing it will take priority!



More Fantastic Reviews From Readers’ Favorite

5star-flat-webA while back I shared on the writers’ forum at Readers’ Favorite a marketing tip about a costly marketing mistake I had learned about the hard way but had addressed to avoid in the future. I did not know whether anyone would heed my advice or not. However, I did receive a couple of positive replies about it. So, I felt content in my contribution to the cause, while knowing that at some point I would probably benefit from the shared experiences and advice of other writers. But I didn’t expect what happened next. I recently received an email informing me that my marketing tip received a Best Tips Award for which I received 5 express reviews for my book ODES ON ALI: A Tribute to the Greatest. All of the reviewers had great things to say about ODES ON ALI. I have shared a short quote from each review below.



“Odes On Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest by David A. Bates is not a book to be read in one sitting; rather, the richness in each poem needs to be absorbed and savored.”  – Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite


“Bates gave me a complete look at Ali’s career… I got a lot of information. The fights were so easy to imagine… Bates offers both enjoyment and enlightenment.”  – Cee-Jay Aurinko for Readers’ Favorite


“Odes On Ali (A Tribute to the Greatest) By David A. Bates is an entertaining read that serves to teach readers more about who Muhammad Ali truly was, both as a person and as a boxer, while using flawlessly written poetry.”  – Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite


“Odes on Ali reads like delightful music, a celebration of a man who has left visible imprints on human civilization, and who has written his name indelibly on the sporting arena. …the author captures the spirit of Ali the poet and warrior to underscore powerful life lessons that readers will find edifying.”  – Arya Fomonyuy for Readers’ Favorite


“At times, readers of poetry can detect when a rhyme is forced, but it seems to come just so naturally to the author of Odes on Ali… Odes on Ali by David A. Bates faithfully reflects the fighting spirit and wisdom of the heroic boxer.” – Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite


Many thanks to all five reviewers who had much more to say in their reviews of my book.

You can read all five of these fantastic reviews in their entirety by going to:

They are also posted on the Barnes and Noble site at:

Also at Google Books –







Acknowledging The All-Time Greats

We’re still battling with the summer heat. And most of us are just starting to feel the effects of pennant fever. Well, at least those of us lucky enough to have our favorite teams still in the race are. But NFL training camps just got underway meaning a new season will be starting soon. So, with football starting up again across the country, I can’t think of a better time for naming my pick for all-time greatest football player. Die-hard football fans spend countless hours arguing the value of each position on a football team on both sides of the ball and its overall importance to team success. This played a large part in making this choice somewhat easier for me. For even when the team around him wasn’t that good, and even though the other team knew he was the only one carrying the “rock,” Jim Brown couldn’t be stopped. He was big enough to run through them, quick enough to run around them, and fast enough to run by them. Defenses would stack the line, load the box, totally selling out against the run, yet Jim Brown somehow found the first down marker or the goal line. James Nathaniel Brown was born to play football. And with his last name, there are many who would say it was inevitable that he became a Cleveland Brown. At 6′ 2″ and 232 lbs., Jim brown was as big or bigger than most of the linebackers and even a lot of the defensive lineman he played against. An All-American selection in college at Syracuse, where he also starred in basketball, track, and lacrosse. (Many call him the greatest lacrosse player of all-times.) Brown was the first round draft choice of the Cleveland Browns in 1957, led the league in rushing, and was the Rookie of the Year that season. Jim Brown led the league in rushing 8 out of 9 seasons. In the one “off” year when he didn’t, he still totaled just 4 yards shy of a thousand yard season. As stated before, even when defenses knew he was getting the ball, they still couldn’t stop him. He had the moves and breakaway speed of running backs 40 to 50 pounds smaller. And then suddenly, at the age of 30, without warning, in the prime of his career, Jim Brown walked away from the game to pursue his fledgling acting career. Those that played with and against him say he could have easily competed at the same high level for another 5 years or more. As it was, he left career marks that stood for decades after. The ones that were finally broken took those players more total years, games, and carries to do so than Jim Brown needed to set them. His career yards per carry (5.2) and yards per game (104.3) averages are still the standard. He played in 9 Pro Bowls in 9 seasons and was 1st team All-Pro in 8 of his 9 seasons. With his 262 career receptions for 2.499 yards and 20 touchdowns, his numbers compare with the greatest tight ends of his day. In his first 5 years in the league he returned 29 kickoffs with an average of 22.3 yards per return. Offensively, Jim Brown could do it all. He even threw 12 passes during his career and completed 4 of them with 3 going for touchdowns. Legendary linebacker Sam Huff and others have said that with his size, speed, and aggression, if Brown had instead played on defense, he would have no doubt still been the best in the game. As one player from Brown’s playing days said, “I was a player for my time. Jim Brown was a player for all times. In 1983, there was word going around that Brown was considering a comeback even though he was nearing 50 years of age. Though a ludicrous thought for most, there were many who believed the still phenomenal physical specimen that Jim Brown still was might just be the one to pull it off. He even openly challenged one of the NFL’s top running backs at that time to a 40 yard race to prove his ability to still compete at that level. Though the race or the return to football never came to fruition, there were many who still believe that Brown could have been successful in both. Jim Brown was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. For all of the above and more, I believe Jim Brown is the greatest football player of all-times.


Marketing Ups and Downs

I’m happy to report there have been more ups than downs lately. On the up side, I am excited to announce I have recently secured a place on Writer’s Row during the Street Fair at Miami Dade College’s upcoming 2016 Miami Book Fair in November. I am scheduled to be there on Sunday November 20th from 10 am until 6 pm. The Miami Book Fair is one of the largest and most prestigious of book fairs held annually and I look forward to having the opportunity to share and discuss my book “Odes On Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest” with the knowledgeable book lovers in attendance. Any additional info I get about the Fair as it gets closer will be posted here as well as on my Facebook and twitter pages, so please continue to follow. On the social media front, I continue to get positive feedback on postings about my book on both twitter and Facebook (my twitter page follows have steadily increased now to over 1500) and my book info is still being tweeted out daily to Shout my Book’s 50,000 plus twitter followers and featured on their website Additionally, one of the reviews I had been expecting did finally get posted. And, here comes the one downer, while I still have not received all of agreed upon reviews as expected, I still hold out some hope for complete fulfillment of the agreement. However, a couple of other more promising avenues have opened up to get more reviews of my book in the near future. Also I have received some good feedback on my blog through a few readers in the comments section. I greatly appreciate and want to thank everyone who took the time to send me their positive comments on the blog. Your messages are much appreciated. Also thanks to all who have taken the time to follow, like, forward, and make positive comments on my posts on twitter and Facebook. Your continuing efforts are greatly appreciated. So, until next time, slow and steady, onward and upward, the marketing journey continues.