In addition to being the greatest boxer of all-times and a world-wide celebrity, Muhammad Ali also took on the role of husband and father. He was married four times. He was married to first wife Sonji Roi shortly after his shocking upset win over heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in 1964.. The marriage broke up in 1966 over Sonji’s refusal to adapt to Ali’s Muslim ways. They had no children. Ali then married Belinda Boyd in 1967. She was also known by the Muslim name “Kalilah.” They had four children. The oldest, Maryum, was born in 1968. She was followed by twin sisters Jamillah and Rasheeda in 1970. Their youngest was son Muhammad Ali, Jr., born in 1972. Their marriage broke up in 1977 after the public exposure of his affair with model Veronica Porsche. Ali and Veronica had two daughters. Hana was born in 1976. Youngest daughter Laila was born in 1977. Their marriage broke up in 1986. He then married fourth wife Yolanda “Lonnie” Williams in 1986 and they remained together until Ali’s passing earlier this year. They adopted a son Assad Amin. Two extramarital affairs while married to Belinda produced two more daughters. Miya was conceived with Patricia Harvell and Khaliiah with Wanda Bolton. A paternity test showed Ali to have fathered a tenth child with Barbara Mensah, a woman who Ali met in Houston back in 1967. Kiiursti Mensah was born in 1981. Though neither of Ali’s sons followed their father into the family business, his youngest daughter, Laila, did. I wrote about her successful career, including her bout against Ali rival Joe Frazier’s daughter, in a previous post. (You can check it out in the archived posts.) Shortly after Ali’s death however, an article revealed that Ali’s grandson, Nico Ali Walsh, is attempting to follow in grandfather’s footsteps by pursuing an amateur boxing career. His mother, is one of Ali’s twin daughters, Rasheeda. Rasheeda Ali Walsh is an author and activist. Interestingly, it was a then four year old Nico who inspired his mother to write a children’s book on Parkinson’s. After a visit with his grandfather he asked his mother why his grandfather was shaking. Another daughter, Hana, also co-wrote a book with her father. All of Ali’s kids have described him, through their personal experiences, as a loving and doting father and grandfather. Shortly after Ali’s death, there were numerous tabloid style reports claiming that many members of the family were feuding with his widow, Lonnie, over the champ’s estate. However, intertwined with all those reports of turmoil was an article reporting and displaying photos of numerous members of the family, Lonnie, Laila, and mom Rasheeda among them, getting together to root on Nico at his latest boxing match. I’m sure the spirit of champ was there as well.