New 5 Star Review for ODES ON ALI

Another 5 star review is in for ODES ON ALI: A Tribute to the Greatest from reader/reviewer Allene Jackson who wrote:


“I recommend this book to everyone especially poetry lovers and Ali admirer’s. I was surprised by how delightful the book was to read. When I first started reading the book I did not expect to read Ali’s story in poetry form. I thought the book would include a few short poems. The book starts with explaining the meaning of “Odes” and the author’s inspiration for writing the book. I was delightfully surprised to find the entire book written in the form of a poem. I absolutely loved it! It was beautiful, eloquent and delightful to read. It captured Ali’s thoughts and feelings during major fighting events and personal trials throughout his life and career. A definite must read!”


At last week’s Miami Book Fair, numerous Fair attendees asked why they should buy my book as opposed to the numerous other books on Ali already out there? What made it different? I explained many of the differences described above. But nothing beats the enthusiastic responses received from satisfied readers/reviewers. If the above review doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy a copy of ODES ON ALI, I’m not sure anything would. I am grateful to Allene Jackson and all of the other reviewers who have shared their great reviews on my book thus far. and I look forward to reading the ones to come.

More Five Star Reviews

5star-flat-webRecently, I was notified of my selection again as a Best Marketing Tips monthly winner by Readers’ Favorite. And as such, I selected another 5 express reviews package for Odes On Ali as my prize. Again, as before, I was overwhelmed by the positive response and wonderful words from all 5 reviewers. All gave my book 5 Star ratings. The reviews in their entirety can be found on my book page at the Barnes and Noble site, as well as at the Google books site, and my Readers’ Favorite review page. Below, I will leave a brief excerpt from each, but check out each in its entirety at one of the places I listed. Thanks.


“With Odes on Ali, Bates manages to create a biography that is both accurate, informative and entertaining, just like the man whose fights he chronicles.” -Kayti Nika for Readers’ Favorite


“Rich in detail and description and very beautifully written, I can’t help but think Ali would love this book too.” -Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite


“… I also loved the simple, rhythmic, flowing style of the poetry…  All in all, this is a great book that fans of Muhammad Ali will surely love to read.” -Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite


“This book is the perfect biography of a sportsman who thrived on the love of his fans and loved to give them more.” -Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite


“Odes on Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest by David A. Bates is a beautiful collection of poems celebrating the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, but more importantly, it is a poetic portrait of the soul of the man who has come to be revered over the years as the greatest boxer of all time.”  – Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite


Thanks again to all of these reviewers for their wonderful words. Please go to the above listed sites and read all the reviews in their entirety.


Marketing Ups and Downs

Due to continued recovery from surgery after my accident, still not sure whether I’ll be able to attend Readers’ Favorite Book Awards reception or the Miami Book Fair, both in 2 weeks. Time will tell but the sand is draining from the hourglass quickly. On the up side of things, I have two reviewers reading my book now and look forward to getting their feedback soon. I also received an unexpected Marketing Tip of the Month award that rewarded me with another 5 express editorial reviews from Readers’ Favorite reviewers and so I am looking forward to that feedback on my book as well. As they say, you can never have enough reviews. Look for new More On Ali and Acknowledging The All-Time Greats posts soon. Also, I just had to more pieces published on my page at The Poetry of the Game. Both are in salute to the Chicago Cubs for breaking their hundred years plus drought in the World Series. Congratulations Cubs fans! If you’re a Cubs fan, baseball fan, or poetry lover check them out. Until next time, slow and steady, onward and upward.