Due to continued recovery from surgery after my accident, still not sure whether I’ll be able to attend Readers’ Favorite Book Awards reception or the Miami Book Fair, both in 2 weeks. Time will tell but the sand is draining from the hourglass quickly. On the up side of things, I have two reviewers reading my book now and look forward to getting their feedback soon. I also received an unexpected Marketing Tip of the Month award that rewarded me with another 5 express editorial reviews from Readers’ Favorite reviewers and so I am looking forward to that feedback on my book as well. As they say, you can never have enough reviews. Look for new More On Ali and Acknowledging The All-Time Greats posts soon. Also, I just had to more pieces published on my page at baseballbard.com The Poetry of the Game. Both are in salute to the Chicago Cubs for breaking their hundred years plus drought in the World Series. Congratulations Cubs fans! If you’re a Cubs fan, baseball fan, or poetry lover check them out. Until next time, slow and steady, onward and upward.