Another 5 star review is in for ODES ON ALI: A Tribute to the Greatest from reader/reviewer Allene Jackson who wrote:


“I recommend this book to everyone especially poetry lovers and Ali admirer’s. I was surprised by how delightful the book was to read. When I first started reading the book I did not expect to read Ali’s story in poetry form. I thought the book would include a few short poems. The book starts with explaining the meaning of “Odes” and the author’s inspiration for writing the book. I was delightfully surprised to find the entire book written in the form of a poem. I absolutely loved it! It was beautiful, eloquent and delightful to read. It captured Ali’s thoughts and feelings during major fighting events and personal trials throughout his life and career. A definite must read!”


At last week’s Miami Book Fair, numerous Fair attendees asked why they should buy my book as opposed to the numerous other books on Ali already out there? What made it different? I explained many of the differences described above. But nothing beats the enthusiastic responses received from satisfied readers/reviewers. If the above review doesn’t make you want to rush out and buy a copy of ODES ON ALI, I’m not sure anything would. I am grateful to Allene Jackson and all of the other reviewers who have shared their great reviews on my book thus far. and I look forward to reading the ones to come.