The Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, in recognition of excellence in writing, is held each year in conjunction with the Miami Book Fair. During the three day Street Fair held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the Miami Book Fair, Readers’ Favorite maintains a booth at the Street Fair which features the award-winning books from that year’s book awards. Each award winner is asked to donate three copies of their book for Readers’ Favorite to sell with the proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I was more than happy to donate the three copies of my award-winning book “ODES ON ALI: A Tribute to the Greatest” for such a worthy cause.┬áMuhammad Ali loved kids and was a most charitable and giving individual. So, I felt it most appropriate to include a book about him in a charitable effort benefiting children’s health. Being that I only had a booth on Sunday, after setting up and settling in, I walked over to the Readers’ Favorite booth to see how my book was being received. When told that the last of the three copies provided had just been sold, I happily told the gentleman manning the booth that I would send down a couple more copies for the cause. He said that would be fantastic and thanked me for my generosity. Upon return to my booth, I asked my assistant to take a couple more copies down which she did. By the time I left that evening the Readers’ Favorite folks were already gone, so I’m not sure if the other two copies sold or not. I surely hope so, for as I stated previously, St. Jude is a truly worthy cause and I was proud to provide a small portion to add to what Readers’ Favorite donates to them each year.