On Saturday, November 19th, Readers’ Favorite held their 2016 International Book Awards ceremony in recognition of excellence in writing. I was proud and honored to take the stage along with my fellow award-winning authors that night. Although, due to my ongoing recovery after surgery, I was unable to take part in any of the other events held prior to the awards ceremony. I felt fortunate to at least be able to take part in the Saturday night ceremony. I met some great people and talented writers that night. I was also glad to put faces to some of the people from Readers’ Favorite who I had previously only corresponded with online or over the phone. And I was able to exchange cards with several of my fellow writers. Although I had to keep the night short due my early rise the next morning for my day at the Miami Book Fair, I did get to share a cold beer and some good conversation with a couple of my fellow attendees. As I said before, it was a great event. I’m so glad I was able to attend.