More On Ali

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how the United States, unlike other countries around the world, has not honored Muhammad Ali with placing his picture on a postage stamp. Ali once stated the only way he could ever be licked was if the they put him on a stamp. Other famous athletes, like boxing legend Sugar Ray Robinson, have been given this honor. Muhammad Ali, however, has not. And while the U. S. Congress has thus far failed to right this wrong, they have honored The Greatest by naming a federal law for him. The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, known as the Ali Act, was introduced in 1999 by Congressman Michael Oxley of Ohio but was never brought to a vote. In the year 2000 it was sponsored in the Senate by Senator John McCain of Arizona and enacted on May 26, 2000 by the 106th Congress. The Act amends the 1996 Professional Boxing Act by expanding on legislation against exploitation, conflicts of interest, and enforcement issues. Due but not limited to no league, association, or any form of established organization like other professional sports, the Act was amended to ensure the safety and protection of professional boxers against predatory managers and promoters, one-sided contracts, and other abuses. An amendment to the Act was introduced on May 19, 2016 by Congressman Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma. The bill aims to expand federal coverage to all contact sports athletes including those in mixed martial arts. Resistance to expanding the Ali Act to include mixed martial arts has come from UFC president Dana White. Given Mr. White’s campaign support for, and friendship with, new U. S. President Donald Trump, it will be interesting to see if President Trump will sign the amended law if it does indeed pass Congress. In the meantime Congress, how about giving us an Ali postage stamp? After retirement, Ali maintained homes in Michigan, Arizona, and Kentucky, so any one of the representatives in Congress from those three states should step upĀ and get this done. It is long overdue.





Marketing Ups And Downs

Due to technical difficulties I’ve been unable to post new entries on this blog for the last several weeks. Unfortunately, the repair efforts resulted in the loss of my January 2017 posts. Everything appears to be back on track now. Onward and upward. New posts soon!