One of the most frequent questions I get asked by potential readers is, why should I buy your book as opposed to any of the numerous others written on Ali? The answer to that I tell them is easy. As the book description on the back cover reads: Ali was the “Poet Laureate of Pugilism.” It is in that spirit that author David A. Bates has created “ODES ON ALI: A Tribute To The Greatest” covering Ali’s professional boxing career from his pro debut to the fight in which he captured the heavyweight title for the third and final time. Each fight is recalled in a lyrically rhyming poetry style reminiscent of Ali’s own rhyming recitations. It is a concise biographical portrayal that is an informatively accurate, highly entertaining read. I tell them that I believe that description is what sets it apart from all the other books on Ali. I believe the informative value is equal to any other biographical book on Ali. And the artistic value separates it from the others. If still not convinced, I simply refer them to the various reviews received. Most acknowledge that unique artistic value with the comments written by the various reviewers such as:

“Throughout the pages of this magnificently written book, it is visible that the author is truly fond and devoted to the legendary Muhammad Ali. a truly beautiful way of showing it with love speaking through every page.”

“I was delightfully surprised to find the entire book written in the form of a poem. I absolutely loved it! It was beautiful, eloquent and delightful to read. It captured Ali’s thoughts and feelings during major fighting events and personal trials throughout his life and career. A definite must read!”

If those to comments from reviewers don’t tell a reader why they should choose my book over the numerous other Ali books out there then I don’t know that anything more from me would.