As discussed in my last post updating my up and down adventures in book marketing, I was looking forward to a couple of fantastic upcoming opportunities to get more exposure for my book “Odes On Ali: A Tribute to the Greatest.” I completed the video testimonial for my self-publisher BookFuel. I thought it came out great for a first time attempt and they expressed that same sentiment. I must say that trying to cover all of the information asked for and do so in a one minute or less time frame without appearing rushed was definitely a challenge. I’m anxious to see how they utilize it. And I’m looking forward to checking out the marketing program they gave me access to as compensation for making the video. Hopefully, it’ll provide some fresh marketing ideas and angles to further boost exposure and book sales. I also finalized reserving representation for ODES ON ALI by the folks at Earthshine Media Group for the upcoming BOOK EXPO and BOOK CON in New York City the first week of June. I can’t wait to see what kind of exposure and interest comes from that big event. And finally, I just finalized securing a book cover ad in the online events program being produced for the upcoming Dublin Writer’s Conference being held in Ireland in June. The purchased package also includes Facebook and twitter exposure as well. As I said in my last marketing post, sales have been a little sluggish so far this year so I’m hoping all of this exposure will help boost reader interest and book sales. Only time will tell. In the meantime, as always, onward and upward as I try to maintain marketing efforts for this book while trying to write the next one.